‘Girl Fighter’ by Cyan Night

“Traumatic events at the earliest years of infancy and childhood are not lost but, like a child’s footprints in wet cement, are often preserved lifelong. Time does not heal the wounds that occur in those earliest years; time conceals them. They are not lost; they are embodied.” ~ Vincent J Felitti

Main Character

Although the story is fictitious, as I flew through the pages it seems too vivid and at times uncomfortably familiar. Aliyah is a computer engineer and lives in London. She was born in Australia and has a Kazakh background. Losing her mother at a very young age, growing up under the strict grandparents’ regime and having a father with alcoholic problems made her this incredibly strong woman with exceptional intelligence.

Gifted Mind

Having a gifted mind does little to help her overcome her daily struggles. Her work colleagues do not treat her with the respect she deserves. However, Aliyah undermines the stereotype about women even further by fighting in MMA. Her journey to becoming a cage fighter is challenging and definitely inspirational. The accident she experienced put her life in jeopardy and changes everything that matters to her, leaving the reader heartbroken.


This story is about equality, how difficult it is to be an introvert and how events from childhood can shape your personality and change your life forever. I certainly recommend to read it.

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