#2. ‘Big Little Lies’ by Liane Moriarty

The story is about domestic violence, sexual assault and how what may look like a little secret can lead to a tragedy.  I would probably enjoy this book if I would not see the TV show first. I almost always start with a book and then watch a TV series or movie, however, I was curious how the story is written.

Main Characters

It shows the struggles of upper and middle-class womanhood and how social status can put people into categories which is quite sad but unfortunately true. The three main characters are Madeline who always needs to have the last word, Celeste who is going through a domestic nightmare, but no one seems to notice and Jane, a single mother who has just moved into town, and at the very beginning of the school term her five-year-old son is involved in a kindergarten scandal, that turns the life’s of this idyllic neighbourhood upside down.

Book or TV Show?

In my opinion, the book goes on for too long; there were too many details that could be avoided (possibly, because I saw the TV show first), although I enjoyed how characters are described and in general, it was written with humour.

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