‘The Power’ by Naomi Alderman

God is neither woman nor man but both these things. But now She has come to show us a new side to Her face, one we have ignored for too long”. ~ Naomi Alderman.

Mysterious Power

Alderman takes the reader to the world in which women have a mysterious power. The power that leaves every man on the planet vulnerable and afraid. Suddenly, teenage girls realize that they have the ability to release electric jolts through the fingertips to the point that it can cause death. With this twist of nature, the world changes in every possible way; governments fall, the Holy Father becomes the Holy Mother, men are afraid to walk freely on the streets…


The story follows four main characters: Roxy, a tough London girl who witnesses her mother death; Margot, a US politician whose daughter electrocuting boys at school; Allie, a spiritual girl whose mother voice guides her to become a leader, a guide and eventually a Mother Eve; Tunde, a rich Nigerian boy whose mission as a journalist is to record it all. 

Misused Power

In a current political climate, this novel definitely makes the point. Alderman shows us what can happen when the power is misused by women in the same way as it is misused by men. The author sends the message that society should be built in a way where both women and men have equal rights to perform their roles and responsibilities. When power starts to consume you, no good can come from it, as it is brutally and violently described in the novel. As Margaret Atwood points out, this book is truly “electrifying”!

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