‘The subtle art of not giving a f***’ by Mark Manson

I can summarise this book in one sentence: To live a happy life Manson advise is to do not give a f**k about ‘silly’ things and have a relationship based on trust. He concludes saying that we will all die at the end. Not really a breakthrough and yet it was listed as #1 New York Times Bestseller. Perhaps because of the catchy title?

I am not a fan of self-help books, but as I am a person who usually worries about everything, I thought I will give it a go, and unfortunately it was very disappointing. Not even sure why this came out to be a book. It something that you would normally find on a personal blog written by someone who went through family and teenage problems know-it-all who then tells you how to live life without any evidence to back up his points.

You Are Not Special

He made some excellent points in Chapter 3 “You are not special”. We live in a society where everyone tells us we can be exceptional and successful; children getting awards for showing up; if you scroll social media pages every second person is now a motivational speaker or a life coach etc. All is based on the idea to ‘stay positive no matter what’ which is another point that Manson argues about. This is not a solution to solving problems and achieving exceptional results. Your problems will not solve themselves just because you ‘stay positive’. It involves hard-work, good solving problem skills and being resilient to actually get through life difficulties. Even though I agree with the above, there was nothing new that added value to those points which were made before by many other writers.

Manson also argues what we should and should not care about which can be found as offensive. Something silly for one person might be the only important thing for the other and I am not sure whether he should be the judge of that based purely on his life experiences. It is not a book that I would usually recommend unless you are looking for reaffirmation on something that is obvious.

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