‘Klara and the Sun’ by Kazuo Ishiguro

The #1 Sunday Times Bestseller from the winner of the Nobel Prize in literature. I was very excited to read it and expected a great story. His ‘Never let me go’ left me in tears, and I was hoping ‘Klara and the Sun’ would be another terrific novel. Sadly, I was very disappointed. I am amazed that I was able to finish it, but I kept going hoping for something to happen (Also, it bothers me when I leave the book unfinished).

The Story

‘Klara and the Sun’ is about a girl named Josie and her mother who purchased Klara – an AF (Artificial Friend). Klara’s primary role is to observe their interactions and interactions between Josie and her friend Rick. Other than that, Klara mainly stares at the Sun so she can function correctly.

It is revealed at some point that Josie’s health is poor, and it became clear why Klara was purchased in the first place, which wasn’t very surprising to me. That was only halfway through the book, and I thought surely something else would come up, a twist, anything!

Klara’s observations qualities of people’s behaviour and nature are very basic and not insightful. On top of everything, her robotic narrative made this a very long and dull read where nothing remarkable happened.

A very short post this time as I am unable to add anything else, but I am very curious what other readers thought of it.

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